Tuesday 6 December 2011

Toronto work holiday luncheon

I work for a company that is based in Quebec.

There are about 375 employees in our Toronto building. We had our holiday luncheon today at a hotel downtown. In total, there were 425 of us, with managers in from Quebec.

The first course was a salad.

I'm not a fan of salads so left mine alone. BTW, that banana-looking thing was cheese.

Everyone was given a ticket for the prizes drawn during the afternoon. Here are Natalie, Lucia and Steve at our table ... Natalie won a bottle of Mumm's champagne after the salads. Yay, Natalie!

The next course was butternut squash soup. I'm not a fan so passed on the soup.

The main was a turkey dinner ... turkey, dressing, potatoes and veggies. Here's mine.

It wasn't great. Not surprising considering they were feeding 425 people.

Imran was sitting next to me and had the vegetarian meal.

Here's dessert ... the best part of the meal!

There's was a comedian who was the emcee. He did a routine while we were eating dessert ... he was rather risqué considering it was the middle of the afternoon.

And here's our table (we all work in the pension area) ... Matt, Baljeet and me.

Imran, Paul (he retired last week) and Dave ...

Stacey, Natalie and Lucia ...

Lucia and Steve ...


LeeAnn said...

Turkey is best done at home!

Teena in Toronto said...

Ya got that right, LeeAnn!

BunnyMummy said...

Love your additude, even though the food failed to impress you seem to have embraced the opportunity to have some holiday cheer with your co-workers. Many would have wallowed in the negative. Cheers to you!