Monday, 12 December 2011

Carlos & Pepe's, Montreal, QC

I took a walk late this afternoon along rue Sainte-Catherine. Then I started getting hungry and it was suppertime.

Carlos & Pepe's caught my eye (it's off rue Sainte-Catherine on Peel).

The restaurant is on the main floor and the pub is on the second floor. You have to climb a mountain of steep stairs to get to the pub (this is looking up at them) but that's where I headed.

It's a cute place.

There were only two tables of two people when I got there ... it was getting busy when I left. They have happy hour drink specials 'til 7pm.

You are given warm tortilla chips and salsa when you sit down to munch on.

I ordered Rio Grande Chicken Burrito ... rather than salad, I got extra rice.

It was good and really filling ... I finished the burrito but couldn't eat all the rice.

The burrito must have been part of happy hour pricing because I was surprised was the bill came and the burrito was less than $8 (according to the menu, it was over $12).

I liked the food and the atmosphere ... I'd recommend it if you are craving a burrito. My one complaint would be with the service. My server was very unengaged. Though he wasn't rude, he wasn't friendly at all which is too bad considering he works in a restaurant.

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highheeledlife said...

ahhh.. Montreal... is so much fun!! xo HHL

Teresa said...

I second High Heeled Life. Very European here, hit and miss when dealing with waiters or any public service person. Enjoy your stay.

CapricornWoman said...

That looks so yummy!

Fizzgig said...

omg i might cut off a toe for that meal! i am salivating!!!