Monday 22 September 2008

We're too dumb to date!

In the latest More magazine, there is an article an about, an online dating site that requires members to pass an IQ test. is a new online dating and networking community exclusively for intelligent people. offers you the opportunity to meet and form relationships with people who, like you, have an IQ higher than the average person.

To become a member, you will have to pass the IQ test required for admission. Click here to take the IQ test now and join for free.

I had to know, if I was single, if I was worthy enough to join.

Gord and I just did the quiz together (just 18 questions ... a minute per question).

Here's message we got:

IQ Test Result
Sorry, you did not pass the IQ test.
If this was your first attempt, you have the opportunity to sign up again and have one more attempt to become a member. You cannot take the IQ test more than twice. Thank you for your interest.

Are you worthy enough to join?


Anonymous said...

An interesting twist for a dating site :)

holly said...

oh what?! that totally sucks! you should have left them a comment that said "uh, how do i get off your web page...ddduuuuhhh."

or maybe you wouldn't do that. i don't know. it's quite late now.

thanks for the blogoversary wishes. :)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I'm intelligent enough not to give my email address to another website, and risk embarrassment when I don't pass either. Thanks for visiting my blog for Manic Monday.

Anonymous said...

I think you get big Points for getting to the end of it...I got frustrated after questions 8