Sunday 21 September 2008

Book ~ "Design to Sell" (2006) Roger C. Parker

From Amazon ~ Not a designer? Don't have a big marketing budget? Now you can design effective marketing materials yourself with this guide written by best-selling author and design expert Roger C. Parker. This one-stop guide to marketing gives you the basics for creating effective messages and step-by-step instruction for using Publisher 2003 to design compelling, easy-to-read marketing materials that deliver your message successfully. Even if you're not a designer or you have no marketing experience, you'll get expert advice and learn how to:

- Develop a market empathy, think like your market and solve their problems using their language
- Format your message so it's attractive and easy to read by taking a crash course in graphic design
- Save time and money by using Publisher to create several different types of effective marketing pieces including postcards to promote your business and newsletters that keep you in touch with your customers
- Use techniques for quickly harnessing powerful Publisher capabilities
- Do it right from the start and avoid common pitfalls and design mistakes

Each chapter includes an interactive exercise as well as review questions with answers on the author's companion Web site. Also on the Web site are downloadable worksheets and templates, more illustrations of the projects in the book, additional before-and-after project makeovers, and other resources.

I like checking out books like this.

I usually pick up new ways of doing things and get fresh tips. Or reminders of how I should be doing things but have gotten lazy.

It's not just a "how-to" book on using Publisher ... there are some chapters on how to use parts of it. It's also basics about designing newsletters, postcards, etc.

It's worth checking out .. and the website has lots of great info too!

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