Thursday 11 September 2008

Camera woes

Remember back in May I bought my Olympus camera when I had to leave my Cybershot in the shop for a couple weeks?

Since then, I've used both depending on where I was going and what I needed ... for example, the Cybershot is much bigger but has a longer zoom.

I noticed lately that some of the pix I was taking with the Olympus were not crisp. It was just one here and there. I assumed it was me not doing something right ... perhaps focusing on something in the background rather than what I wanted.

I would turn the camera off and on and it seemed to be okay.

But now it's happening all the freakin' time!

I took a bunch of pix last night. Only one was crisp.

Not crisp


See the diff?

I changed the batteries, played with the settings, took it off auto, etc. but it didn't matter.

I had to adjust the other pix manually once I loaded them onto my computer.

Very annoying!

I just called Black's and asked if they will take care of returning it or do I have to send it back to Olympus ... they do.

Where did I put the receipt?


Teresa said...

Good luck getting your camera problems sorted out.

Teena in Toronto said...

As I said, it's very annoying!

Swordsman said...

Too bad you don't have a file folder to store your receipts in.

Unknown said...

How weird! I hope it gets fixed.

Tina said...

you can tell the difference actually- how strange! hmm, good luck with it