Saturday 20 September 2008

Free book!

Who wants a free book?!

"IN THE BEGINNING, there was the pie. The pie was without form and texture (and any manner of identifiable filling), and darkness was upon the face of the Home Ec Teacher …"

So begins the story of two girls, a friendship, and a pie. JUMBLE PIE, to be exact. A Home Ec project gone very wrong, except for the fact that it brings together two very different young girls and helps them form a friendship that lasts through bad haircuts, unrequited love, endless incarnations of Madonna, and their own evolving dreams ... Until New Year's Eve 1999, when another pie comes along, resulting in a pre-party blow-up that sets Juliet and Emily, women now, to remembering how it all got started.

Author Melanie Lynne Hauser will send you an ecopy of her book ... and all you have to do is ask for it here! I did!

Click here to read why she's giving it away. It's worth reading how the publishing business works!


Tatiana C. Mendes said...


I´am brasilian...



Rosemary said...

thanks for the tip

Shawn said...

This is very interesting, and supports much of what I myself have discovered about publishing.

Good blog! I look forward to reading more soon.