Wednesday 10 September 2008

Julie's Cuban Restaurant, Toronto, ON

The Boxing Babes went out for supper tonight. It was my turn to pick and I chose Julie's Cuban Restaurant, which is just north of me.

Trish and Teena

Yvette and Jen

Alas, Monica, Shawna and Susan couldn't make it.

Yvette, Jen, Trish and Teena

What did we have?

I had Puerco Empanizado (breaded pork cutlet is seasoned with garlic, herbs & spices, served with rice and ripe plantains). It was huge and yummy!

Yvette and Jen each had Tostones Rellenos ('green' plantain cups stuffed with avocado).

Yvette also had this ... I don't know what it's called but it was plantain with beef.

Jen also had Potaje de Frijoles negros (black bean soup, Cuban style).

Trish had Tostones (twice fried 'green' plantains with salsa)

And a salad.

It was great to see them and boy, did we laugh!



There is nothing better than going out with friends! That food is making me hungry so I might have to have a midnight snack. Enjoyed stopping by your blog!

Anonymous said...

Food looks yummy...reminds me of TGI Friday!

T13 here

Sarah said...

The food looks interesting. Glad you enjoyed your lunch with the babes!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! I'm going to have to make a mental note to check it out with hubby!

Teresa said...

I haven't been able to meet with my group of ladies in a long time, seems life is getting in the way. Looks like you gals and a nice evening with some fine food. Here's to "girlfriends".

Teena in Toronto said...

Teresa: we make "dates" a couple months in advance to hold that day.

Tina said...

damn i cant be doing with looking at that 9.20am lol. i havent had breakfast yet but now i want dinner!