Sunday 7 September 2008


I joined Weight Watchers online in April 2004 and was very successful on it. I lost a lot of weight ... I needed the strict yet flexible points system to keep me on track.

It's $20 a month and I've kept paying for it since then. Most of the last four years I've been on and off program ... alas, mostly off. The last couple years I've just used it to keep track of my weight. I know the points system so haven't been tracking my points there ... I do it in my head.

Did it make sense to spend $240 for a fancy Excel sheet?


Tonight I signed up for FitDay, which is free, and set up my profile.

After finishing The Fiber 35 Diet tonight, I wanted to be able to track my fibre intake, etc. and Weight Watchers doesn't do that.

FitDay does.

In fact, FitDay provides reports so I can view my calories, nutrition, weight loss and lots more.

Have you checked it out?

Alas, my fibre intake for the day was woefully low at 7.5.

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