Monday 29 September 2008

Do You Use the Internet Like a Man or a Woman?

Your Surfing Habits are 60% Male, 40% Female

If we had to guess, we would guess that you are a man.

You use the internet to make your life more efficient - and to make you smarter.

For you, the internet is like a vast encyclopedia.

You search and surf extensively. You look up everything online.


Nancy Face said...

That was fun! :)

My internet habits are 70% female...although I'm sure that number would be even higher if the questions related more specifically to my life! :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

they say from my answers...They canot tell if I'm a man or a woman...HA! it was 50% and 50%.....

Swordsman said...

I am the exact opposite:

Your Surfing Habits are 40% Male, 60% Female

There's no way we can tell whether you're a man or woman.
Of all the internet users, you are the most broad based in your habits.
You use the internet for research and your career.
But you also use the internet to keep in close touch with your loved ones.

Too funny!!

Laura Brown said...

I got 50/ 50.