Friday 26 September 2008

I don't heart cyclists

I'm not a fan of cyclists.

I know they aren't all bad ... but it's these bad ones who have turned me against all cyclists.

I think it's fabulous they are helping the environment and their health ... but why can't they obey the rules?

For the most part, they don't stop at red lights/stop signs. They ride on the sidewalk and then yell at people because they are in their way. The list goes on and on and on.

We have a car but I drive very little. Can someone explain to me why a cyclist needs to have half of my lane ahead of me? I can't get around him and I don't want to hit him. But he gets pissed at me when I honk my horn asking him to get out of my way.

I used to be open about cyclists ... honestly ... until a month ago.

I was waiting for the streetcar, heading into town for a Jays game. My streetcar stopped for me. I started crossing from the sidewalk. I saw the cyclist coming and assumed he'd stop since I had the right-of-way.


He whipped right past me, yelled at me to get out of HIS way and called me a "F-ing ugly C" (yes, the "C" word!).


That's when I lost my compassion for cyclists. That very second!

What's causing me to rant about cyclists first thing this morning?

There's an article in this morning's Toronto Star called Sometimes biking is just the ticket - to the tune of $110. The cyclist didn't come to a full stop and a cop gave him a $110 fine. He doesn't feel he's in the wrong and is fighting it.

I say it's about time!


Isabel said...

I don't mind them but sometimes... just last week, I was getting on this really busy bridge. And there is the guy on his bike ahead of me. I'm trying to stay far enough behind him when he freaking stops in the middle of rush hour traffic. I guess the car next him did something cause the guy has his hand on the car and yelling at the driver.

Then I'm trying to stop so I don't hit the stupid guy and his bike. ugh.

Dev said...

I'm not a fan. I guess I wouldn't mind at all if they had lanes or trails that kept them out of the flow of traffic, but I'm tired of being stuck behind them. I agree ~ the ones at least in my town don't follow traffic regulations. I hope they start getting tickets like this guy did. It's about time.

I realize I'm generalizing. Not all of them are bad ~ but the ones who are ruin it for everybody.

Teresa said...

Not fond of the cyclist either. Yesterday I was in downtown Montreal at rush hour and the streets were filled with them. I've never seen so many in my life. Guess it has to do with the price of gas etc. But you right they do not obey the codes of the road and take up space in the car lanes where they are not supposed to be.

Sorry to hear he was so rude.

Swordsman said...

As a pedestrian I have almost been hit numerous times while stepping off a street car (when the doors are open the law says they are to stop) by them running red lights and stop signs and by them riding on the sidewalk.
Most of them are rude and self-righteous

TorAa said...

cyclists are at least two kinds:
Those that loves to bike as a pleasure
and those
that are hating people driving in a car. They are dangerous.

btw. Sorry not to visiting not commenting your wonderful blog for a while, due to the 3x20 Event.The last post was published Friday.pls excuse

PS. Not to forget: Thanks for the greetings to Anna on RennyBA's blog.

Anonymous said...

that is freaky Teena i was thinking about cyclists today lol

they want to join all the cars on the road dont they, but as soon as it comes to traffic lights they ride on the pavement! whats the deal with that!

p.s when i first glanced the title i thought it said cystitus rofl! its been a long day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...and I would agree...they are annoying. :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the few really do ruin it for the many :(

Ed said...

A lot of drivers are just as bad as cyclists. No turn signals, cutting cyclists off at intersections and so on. Before my accident, I rode my bike everywhere and I obeyed the rules of the road. What did it get me? Hit by a car whose driver decided he wanted my lane (and yes, traffic laws do state on a city street, a bicycle is a vehicle and is to be treated accordingly).

There are bad cyclists and there are bad drivers. Nobody is perfect but the big difference is, a cyclist doesn't have all that protective metal around him like a driver has.

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

I've seen cyclist that actually take up 1 car's length on a heavy traffic way. Ridiculous and really dangerous!
In fact there are times I really wish cyclist are being charge for road taxes with the way they cyclist on roads!!

Thanks for the blogoversary greetings :)Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy riding my bike in and around the city, one of the few who do obey the rules of the road. I personally would love to see these morons who continue on through red lights, not stopping at stop signs, riding on the sidewalk, etc...receive tickets from the police for their stupidity. Unfortunately tickets aren't given out enough for my liking.

At the same time I can say I'm not fond of automobiles as they are not any better than cyclists, running red lights, driving through stop signs, cutting other drivers off, etc...

Unknown said...

I feel that if you are a cyclist, you must follow all the rules or you deserve a ticket. Otherwise it's dangerous for you and for others.

Lord of the Wing said...

Oh I totally agree with you. While I applaud the greener lifestyle and cycling in general, I cannot stand the disrespect that many cyclists (not all obviously)show to both pedestrians and motorists. I wish I could hand out tickets for running lights/signs, riding without regard etc.!

It drives me nuts since I've been in Ottawa because I will be driving and a cyclist or two will be blocking the road going well below the speed limit, and there is a completely sepperate biking trail only 2 meters away that was built for them! And of course I can't pass.