Thursday 7 March 2019

Comfort Inn, Waterloo, ON

My home away from home last night was the Comfort Inn in Waterloo.

Here was my room ...

The bed was comfy
I soaked in the tub last night ...
the water pressure in the bath and shower were excellent

Parking was free as was WIFI (it was quick). I had a mini fridge, coffee machine and microwave oven in the room. There was no elevator and I was on the first floor and so didn't have to climb any stairs with my stuff. I parked my car outside my sliding door so it was easy to load up when I was ready to go.

There was a heavy drape across the sliding door that leads out to the parking lot. It would have been nice to have sheers between the sliding door and the drape because once the drape is open, anyone can see in (cars park right next to the sliding door). It would have been nice to have some natural light but also some privacy the sheers would have provided.

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