Sunday 3 March 2019

Book ~ "The Air Fryer Bible: More Than 200 Healthier Recipes for Your Favorite Foods" (2017) Susan Laborde and Elizabeth Hickman

From Goodreads ~ Harnessing the power of circulating hot air, air fryers cook all your beloved comfort foods to crunchy, tasty perfection ... without all the messy oil. 

"The Air Fryer Bible" cookbook shows you how to make the most of this hugely popular appliance to create more than 200 amazing dishes: Start your day with Sunrise Quesadillas and Crispy French Toast Sticks. Snack on Crispy Mozzarella Sticks and String Bean Fries. Feast on Chicken Tenders, Caesar Steak Salad, or Stuffed Zucchini, and then indulge yourself with Apple Dumplings or Easy Éclairs. 

These recipes will save you time, promote heart health and can even help with weight loss. They’re easy enough for a beginner and your whole family will love them. 

Complete with numerous tips for air fryer success, 30 mouthwatering photos of finished dishes, must-have appliance-buying information, and a comprehensive index, "The Air Fryer Bible" is the only air fryer cookbook you’ll ever need. 

Gord and I received an air fryer as a Christmas gift in December.  We liked it so much that we bought a second one.

The content of this book includes tips for air fryer success (knowing your appliance, cooking time, cooking in batches, etc.), terms and techniques (baking pans, cooking spray, gloves, muffin cups, oil for misting, etc.), ingredients (bread crumbs, flours, oils, herbs, etc.), a F/C temperature conversion chart and a buying guide (size, capacity, features, accessories, price, etc.).

The recipe sections are:
  • Breakfast and brunch
  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Poultry
  • Beef, pork, lamb and game
  • Fish and seafood
  • Meatless main dishes
  • Vegetables and sides
  • Salads
  • Breads
  • Desserts
  • This and that
  • Just for fun

There were lots of delicious sounding recipes that didn't sound too hard that I would like to try.  It would have been nice if there was a picture included for all the recipes rather than just a handful.

I read this book on my iPad and I found that it wasn't formatted well for it.  Regardless of whether I held my iPad horizontally or vertically, the recipes sprawled over different pages ... it would have been nice if all the information was viewable on the screen rather than being cut off to another page (I wasn't able to reduce the font size to make it fit).

One page of the recipe for Scotch Eggs
(viewed vertical)
One page of the recipe for Country Wings
(viewed horizontally)

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