Saturday 9 March 2019

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto, ON

A couple months ago, Gord won a couple tickets to the AGO.  Time got away from us and they were expiring at the end of March so we went today.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the largest art museums in North America with close to 95,000 works from all over the world, many of them being centuries old. It's a collection of paintings, sculptures, artifacts and photography, as well as collaborations with museums from around the world.

Though it's been on my list of things to do, I've never been in the 30+ years I've lived in Toronto.  It had been a while since Gord had been.

There are activities for kids this week (March break).

There is a special exhibit until May, Impressionism in the Age of Industry:  Monet, Pissaro and More, and there is a extra charge.  We didn't check it out as there was lots to see.

We started off in the photography section where there were pictures from World War I.

We went to the second level and saw these paintings.

Cheveuse II (1953 - 54) by Jean Paul Piopelle, Montreal, QC
Transition HH45 (2016) by Jessica Eaton, Regina, SK
Away Game and Home Game (2014) by Karen Kraven, London, ON

We wondered around the Henry Moore exhibit.

Seated Woman Thin Neck
Draped Reclining Woman
Draped Reclining Woman
Reclining Figure on Pedestal
Working Model for UNESCO Reclining Figure
Reclining Figure
Reclining Figure
Draped Reclining Figure

We headed to another section.

We checked out Canadian paintings, including the Group of Seven.

Here was the Body in Fragments (1890 - 1960).

Head of a Half-Length Figure of Zeda -
Jacob Epstein (1927)
Head of a Woman - Pablo Picasso (1909)

The Modern section was fun.

Ice Cream Soda with Cookie - Claes Oldenburg (1963)
Helga Matura - Gerhard Richter (1966)
Black Bathroom #2 - Jim Dine (1962)
Elvis I and II - Andy Warhol (1964)
Story - Robert Rauschenbert (1964)
Silver Liz as Cleopatra - Andy Warhol (1963)
Studies for Holograms - Bruce Nauman (1970)
Painting No. 147 - Luis Feito (1959)
O Drawing - David Smith (1957)
The Leaf - Germaine Richier (1948)
L'anniversaire - Rene Magritte (1959)
Party Guests- Emil Nolde (1915)
Portrait of Dr. Heinrich Stadelmann - Otto Dix (1922)
Decorative Figure - Henri Matisse (1908)
Nude with Clasped Hands - Pable Picasso (1905 - 06)
The Marchesa Casati - Augustus Edwin John (1919)
Landscape in the South of France and Two Children -
Pierre Bonnard (1916 - 18)
We headed into the Canadian section.

Elevator Court, Halifax - Lawren S. Harris (1921)
Cows on a Hillside - Kathleen J. Munn (196)

Then we wandered into European Art.

Vetheuil in Summer - Claude Monat (1879)
Portrait of Joseph Joachim - John Singer Sargent (1904)
"I am half sick of shadows," said The Lady of Shalott -
John William Waterhouse (1915)
The Wooden Shoes - Francois Boucher (1768)
A Capriccio of Roman Ruins with the Pantheon -
Giovanni Paolo Panini (1755)
St. Jerome - Angelo Gabriello Pio
Still Life:  Flowers - Jean-Batiste Monnoyer
Christ at the Pool of Bethesda - Artus Wolfaerts (1620 - 30)
Portrait of Henry VIII -
Circle of Hans Holbein, The Younger

There were some really old bibles, steins, etc.

It was a fun afternoon and so much to see!

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