Tuesday 7 August 2018

Book ~ "It's NEVER Too Late And You're NEVER Too Old: 50 People Who Found Success After 50" (2013) Vic Johnson

From Goodreads ~ One of the biggest hurdles people over 50 have to overcome is the mindset about their age. There’s an old cliché of “age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” But as we all know, getting older does have certain obstacles such as dwindling health, limited income, and the end of long-time careers followed by “now what in the heck do I do?”

Yes, age is the number of candles on a birthday cake, and a stark reality of things to come. But getting older isn’t ...

... a deal breaker
... a reason you can’t start a business or any other new venture
… a limit on success
… a valid excuse for inaction
… a valid excuse to give up on your dreams.

Here are 50 people who overcame the very same things you are facing right now. Let them show you the way to outrageous success and happiness regardless of your age or circumstances.

As someone who is over 50, I thought this would be an interesting book.

Vic Johnson is apparently a motivational speaker, though I can't find out much about him.  Google searches come up with older information.

In this book, there are 50 short chapters about 50 people who had success over the age of 50 ... 50 reasons why it's never to late and you're never to old to live your dreams and find success. 

They range from unknowns to those more well-known such as Colonel Sanders, Orville Redenbacher, Ronald Reagan, George Burns, Julia Child, Winston Churchill, Rodney Dangerfield and Clint Eastwood.  They include powerful business people, people who changed history and those who made a difference around them.  At the end of each chapter, there is a principle (a recap) and an action (how you can duplicate).

I liked this book.  It was short and snappy and a quick read.  Some of the people I'd obviously hear of while others I hadn't.

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