Wednesday 15 August 2018

Chakras & Chai, Laya Spa & Yoga, Toronto, ON

I worked from home today and Gord and I attended the lunchtime Chakras & Chai, a 30-minute guided meditation, led by Alisa (she does it there every second Wednesday).  Today's focus was on the heart chakra.

It was at Laya Spa & Yoga (Queen Street W/Ossington Avenue), which is in our 'hood.  We had massages there for Gord's birthday in March and Gord has since been to some of their yoga and meditation sessions.  Meditation and yoga are held in the building next door on the third floor.

After the meditation, Alisa served us some chocolate chai and snacks on the rooftop terrace.  It was nice because it gave us a chance to chat about what we'd experienced.

Thanks, Alisa!

Andrew, one of the attendees, offered to do some smudging on us and we all said "yes" (I've never had it done before or seen it done).  He burned sage.

And here we are ...

A very nice time and I look forward to doing it again.

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