Thursday 30 August 2018

Soundwave Yoga, Laya Spa & Yoga, Toronto, ON

Gord and I attended a 60-minute Soundwave Yoga practice this evening.

Experience the sounds and vibrations of tuning forks on and off the body during this gentle yin style practice. In this class, asanas are held for longer periods of time while tuning forks are placed on specific points of the body.  The vibrations of the tuning forks will help deepen our practice, releasing pain, muscular tension, stress and stale emotions.  With the help of sound waves, we encourage any out-of-tune elements in our body to come back into resonance with the natural harmony of our being.  We relax and let go to increase the flow of energy in the body, creating space and realigning ourselves with our natural vibrations.

It was led by Danielle at Laya Spa & Yoga (Queen Street W/Ossington Avenue), which is in our 'hood.  We had met Danielle yesterday in Chakras & Chai.

Danielle's tuning forks

Danielle started us off with a guided meditation.  Then we did restorative yoga, which I like ... you hold a pose for a long period of time which gives a great stretch.  While we were in a pose, she came around to each of us putting her vibrating tuning forks on various parts of our body.  I'd never done this type of yoga before.  At times, I thought I felt a small electrical charge when she had the tuning forks on me.  We finished with a guided meditation.

It was an enjoyable class and I felt very relaxed afterwards.  I'll definitely be checking it out again.

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