Saturday 11 August 2018

Black Bull Tavern, Toronto, ON

After we left the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, Jennifer and I were hungry so we had supper at the Black Bull Tavern (Queen Street W/John Street).

Such a nice night so we sat on the patio

Jennifer ordered a Grill Cheese sandwich with Kettle chips.  She ate all of her sandwich and said it was good.  The Kettle chips weren't very crispy ... they were kind of soggy.  She was full from her sandwich so got them packed up to go and gave them to a homeless person she met on her way to the subway station.

I ordered a Chicken Clubhouse sandwich (with no lettuce) with French fries.  Though nothing fancy, it was a good sandwich and I'd get it again.  The fries were good and I'm glad I got them rather than the Kettle chips.

Lindy was our server and she took good care of us.

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