Saturday 25 August 2018

Book ~ "Live Long and ... What I Learned Along the Way" (2018) William Shatner and David Fisher

From Goodreads ~ "Star Trek" legend and veteran author William Shatner discusses the meaning of life, finding value in work and living well whatever your age.

"I have always felt," William Shatner says early in his newest memoir, that "like the great comedian George Burns, who lived to 100, I couldn't die as long as I was booked." And Shatner is always booked.

Still, a brief health scare in 2016 forced him to take stock. After mulling over the lessons he's learned, the places he's been and all the miracles and strange occurrences he's witnessed over the course of an enduring career in Hollywood and on the stage, he arrived at one simple rule for living a long and good life: don't die.

It's the only one-size-fits-all advice, Shatner argues in "Live Long and ... What I Learned Along the Way" because everyone has a unique life - but to help us all out he's more than willing to share stories from his unique life. With a combination of pithy humor and thoughtful vulnerability, Shatner lays out his journey from childhood to peak stardom and all the bumps in the road (sometimes the literal road, as in the case of his 2,400-mile motorcycle trip across the country with a bike that didn't function).

Everyone knows who William Shatner is ... he is an actor, author, producer and director originally from Montreal.  He was in Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Practice, Boston Legal among others.  He has been in plays, including the Stratford Festival early in his career.  He is also a musician, author, screenwriter and director, celebrity pitchman and owner, trader, breeder and rider of horses.

There are ten chapters in this book:
  1. A Fortunate Life
  2. The Show Must Go On
  3. A Passion for Passions
  4. An Emotional Appeal
  5. The Basic Ingredients:  Health and (Some) Wealth
  6. My Curious Quest for Adventure
  7. Working to Find Happiness
  8. Relationships are not All Relative
  9. My Principal Beliefs
  10. Where Does the Time Go?

This is the second book I've read by Shatner.  In this book, he shares stories about his life and what he's learned in his 87 years ... his childhood, marriages, children and grandchildren, career, interests, passion, etc.   I liked the writing style and this book and I could "hear" Shatner's voice as I was reading it.

Here are some of his tidbits of wisdom, which are good reminders ...
  1. His secret to a living a good long life?  Don't die!  Keep living and try not to slow down.
  2. Always say "yes" to opportunities.
  3. Find your passions.
  4. Be happy.
  5. Don't allow your fear of dying cause you to lose your passion for living ... be actively engaged in life until your very last breath.

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