Saturday 11 August 2018

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, Toronto, ON

I went to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival this afternoon with my pals, Darlene and Jennifer ... the festival was today and tomorrow.

This is the sixth time I've been to the summer one and I've also been to the winter ones.  It was a nice day for it ... sunny and warm.

Tickets (which included the tasting mug) were $25 in advance.  Tasting tokens were $1 each.  I had six left from last year and started with those (Darlene and I split a 10-pack later on).

The gates opened at noon.  I got there about 12:20pm and there was a long line-up to get in ... Darlene was ahead of me in line so I joined her (and then Jennifer arrived).  We still had about a fifteen minute wait to get in.  Every year there is a giveaway to the first couple hundred  people ... this year it was a fanny pack but we weren't there early enough to get one.

Jennifer and Darlene
Jennifer, Darlene and I
Our last drinks of the day!

Here is what I had ...

Against the Grain from High Park Brewery
Peaches Kinda Look Like the Sun Brett DIPA
from Cameron's Brewing
Raspberry Uber Berliner Wiesse from Nickle Brook
Revivale from Lost Craft
Filtered Pilsner from Steam Whistle
Lager from Caribru
Blood Orange Cider from Thornbury
Pal Al from Great Lakes Brewery
Heritage Cider from Duxbury
Cranberry apple cider from Thornbury

Though it was fun, it seemed like there was less this year ... less providers, food and entertainment.

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