Monday 25 June 2018

Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg, MB

I have client meetings tomorrow in Winnipeg and flew here this afternoon.  I had some time before I could check into my hotel so I spent it at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, which was established in 1904. 

It's not a large zoo so I was able to see most of it.  It was a warm sunny day so it was nice to walk around.

In addition to animals, birds, etc., there are also some exhibits teaching interesting information.

Eurasian Tundra Reindeer
Burrowing Owl
Bald eagle
There were lots of peacocks roaming around
Plains Bison
American Elk
Where the polar bears and seals live
You can watch the polar bears in this tunnel
Polar Bear
Stone's Sheep
Steller's Sea Eagle
Domestic Yak
Szechwan Takin
Gigantic Bug Exhibit (literally!)
The bugs are HUGE and motion-sensored, as I discovered with this guy
... he scared me!
Alpine Ibex
Fallow Deer
Toucan Ridge ... a tropical paradise
I loved the Red Pandas!
I loved the Cotton-Top Tamarins too!
The Butterfly Gardens
This guy had a water bottle ... I hope he didn't swallow it :(
American Elk
Canadian Geese and their babies

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