Friday 29 June 2018

Book ~ "Murder Wears White" (2017) Stephanie Blackmoore

From GoodreadsMallory hopes to unveil her new B&B just in time for her first ceremony as a wedding planner. The renovations to Thistle Park, the mansion she inherited in small-town Port Quincy, Pennsylvania, are almost complete. But what Mallory didn't plan on is the bride's aunt being poisoned at the wedding tasting and her perfect venue becoming a crime scene. 

Adding to the mystery is the discovery that this is not the first murder in the bridal family and, as Mallory becomes engaged in her own investigation, she learns the man convicted of the crime may not be guilty. 

Now she has two crimes to solve before the bride walks down the aisle but a killer has other plans to ensure that Mallory forever holds her peace.

Mallory is a former lawyer.  She had recently inherited a mansion from Sylvia, her almost grandmother-in-law.  Mallory had been engaged to Sylvia's grandson, Keith, but broke it off when she discovered he was cheating.  Around this time, Sylvia passed away and left Mallory her rundown mansion and land.  Needless to say, Keith and his mother, Helene, were not pleased but Mallory and her sister, Rachel, saw the potential of turning it into a B 'n B and a place to hold weddings and has been working to make that happen.

Mallory's first wedding is scheduled in the fall.  When the bride's aunt is murdered during a tasting and it's discovered the man who was convicted of killing her mother 20 years ago may be innocent, the bride is determined to carry on.  And it appears that Mallory's house is haunted by Sylvia's mother.  And if Mallory doesn't get the necessary approvals from the city, the wedding and Mallory's business aren't going to happen.

This is the second in the Wedding Planner Mystery series and I liked it (I read the first one last week).  You don't need to have read the first one as this one works well as a stand alone (there is enough background information provided).

I liked the writing style ... it is written in first person perspective from Mallory's point of view.  I thought the story was interesting and there were lots of people who could have "dunnit" ... there were actually a few "whodunnits".  It kept me guessing until the end.  There are recipes at the end which sound delicious.

I look forward to reading others in this series and by this author.

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