Sunday 24 June 2018

Book ~ "Engaged in Death" (2016) Stephanie Blackmoore

From Goodreads ~ All appears peaceful in sleepy Port Quincy, Pennsylvania - but in this small town, old grudges die hard.

After dumping her cheating fiancé and cancelling the wedding, Mallory Shepard can't bear another disaster. So when the former bride-to-be unexpectedly inherits Thistle Park, a ramshackle mansion in her ex's hometown of Port Quincy, it's a problem she can't afford - literally. Abound with stray cats, peeling wallpaper and nosy neighbors, Mallory is dying to sell it off - once she finally fixes up both the place and her messy life.

Turns out, Thistle Park has its charms. But the honeymoon phase is abruptly cut short when an unwanted visitor is found dead on the front lawn. Enlisting the help of her sister Rachel, Mallory vows to unveil the killer before she herself becomes married to the suspect list.

Mallory, a lawyer, is engaged to Keith, a lawyer.  Three weeks away from their wedding she discovers he has been cheating on her and she breaks up with him.  Sylvia, Keith's grandmother, passes away unexpectedly and leaves Mallory her rundown mansion and land.  Needless to say, Keith and his mother, Helene, are not pleased and do what they can to get this reversed.

Mallory and her free spirit sister, Rachel, move into the house (they have nowhere else to go).  They have dreams of turning it into a B 'n B and a place to hold weddings but they can't afford to make the repairs so Mallory considers selling.  A fracking company offers to buy it from her but this goes against Sylvia's wishes.  Then the rep is found murdered in Mallory's front yard and there are a number of people who had wanted him dead.

There are rumours there are valuable paintings hidden in the house.  If Mallory can find them, she can afford to fix up the house and fulfill her dreams.  But she's not the only one looking for them.  If it's just a rumour, she has no choice but to sell to whoever will buy.

This is the first in the Wedding Planner Mystery series and I liked it (plus I like finding series).  I liked the writing style ... it is written in first person perspective from Mallory's point of view.  I thought the story was interesting and there were lots of people who could have "dunnit".  It kept me guessing until the end.  The editing could have been better, though, as there were typos.  There are recipes at the end which sound delicious.

I look forward to reading others in this series and by this author.

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