Thursday 19 October 2017

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery, St. Davids, ON

The 2017 CPBI (Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute) is having its annual conference in Niagara Falls, ON, this week.  I'm the chair of the entertainment committee.  Our gala night was held nearby at Ravine Vineyards Estate Winery.

We started in the cellar with the tasting of three wines ... a bubbly, a white and a red.  All were delicious.

Elisa, our guide

You can buy their wines online or onsite along with preserves, cheese, etc.

Elisa took us to the vineyards and talked about the vines, grapes, etc.

This house is Laura Secord's brother, David's house, and is where the tastings and store are.

There were about 90 of us and we had supper in a cozy tent.  There was more wine and appies before supper and the main was braised short rib, which was delicious.

It was a fun time and I'd suggest you check out Ravine if you are in the area.

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