Sunday 8 October 2017

Happy 90th birthday, Minnie!

Today Gord and I drove to Madoc today (about three hours NE of Toronto) to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.

Dinner was at Judy and Doug's, Gord's sister and brother-in-law's.  Gord and Judy's mom, Minnie, was there as was Judy and Doug's son, Kyle, and his wife, Kerri, and their children, Madison and Colton (they all live nearby).

It was a delicious and fun meal ... turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes/cauliflower, turnip, corn, biscuits, cheese and more.

Yesterday was Minnie's birthday and she turned 90.

In addition to pumpkin pie, Judy and Doug also made Minnie a chocolate birthday cake to celebrate, which was delicious.

Happy birthday, Minnie!
Judy, Minnie and Gord

It was great to see everyone and catch up.  As always, Judy and Doug took good care of us!

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