Saturday 12 August 2017

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, Toronto, ON

I went to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival this afternoon with my pals, Darlene and Jennifer ... the festival was last night, today and tomorrow.

This is the fifth time I've been to the summer one and I've also been to the winter one.

Tickets (which included the tasting mug) were $25 in advance.  Tasting tokens were $1 each.

The weather was a bit crazy during the afternoon.  It was hot and sunny ... then a bit rainy ... then hot and sunny ... and then rainy.  But it didn't seem to dampen the mood.

The gates opened at noon and we got in the short line about 12:15pm.  We got there early enough to get the giveaway hat.

Jen, me and Darlene
Jen, me and Darlene
Darlene wearing the giveaway hat
$10 for a fruit and $3 more for rum and vodka
Me wearing the giveaway hat
This woman was celebrating her birthday
They were printing posters on site
Jen and I
Darlene and I

Here's what I had ...

Mountain Lager from Side Launch
Revivale from Lost Craft
Lager from Naughty Otter
Beach Chair Lager from PEI Brewing Company
Rasberry Saison from Upper Thames Brewing Company
Lagershed Lighter from Shawn & Ed
Golden Chai from Lake of Bays Brewing Company
Orange Creamsic Ale from Railway City
Beaver Tail Red Ale from Magnotta
High Grass from the Second Wedge Brewing Co.
Honest Lager from Walkerville Brewery
Farmhouse Blonde from Maclean's 
Clutch Pale Ale from Redline Brewhouse
Saint of Circumstance from Collective Arts
Beau's Lug Tread
12 Minutes from Destiny from Flying Monkey
Craft Lager from Muskoka Brewery

Jen was hungry and got cauliflower tacos.  She said they were delicious.  Darlene got some later on.

I got a dozen donuts dipped in apple cinnamon from Tiny Tom.  Yum!

Jen's husband, Darron, was working nearby and came over after he finished working.

Darron and Jen
Jen, me and Darron

It's always a fun beer festival and I look forward to next year!

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