Tuesday 1 August 2017

Book ~ "Links" (2017) Lisa Becker

From Goodreads ~ Charlotte Windham, a nerdy high school prodigy who tutored classmates to earn money for college, escapes her geeky past to become a celebrated novelist. 

During a chance encounter at a Los Angeles restaurant 15 years after high school, she reconnects with her secret crush, Garrett Stephens, the popular star athlete and teen heart breaker. Garrett, still leaving broken hearts in his wake, is now a successful professional golfer who recently suffered a possible career-ending shoulder injury. 

As he and Charlotte spend time together, developing a friendship based on mutual respect and comfortable companionship, can Charlotte forgive the past and can Garrett reform his lothario ways for a chance at love? 

Charlotte tutored twins Garrett and Marcus, her classmates, when they were in high school.  The boys were popular and, though she was in love with Garrett, they barely knew Charlotte existed except to begrudgingly let her help them with their schooling.  In fact, Garrett's nickname for her was "Glasses".  She was friends with their sister, Lindsay, but over the years lost contact with them.

Fastforward fifteen years and Charlotte is now a success author.  She runs into Lindsay and her family and they pick up their friendship again.  Garrett is now a professional golfer, used to having his pick of woman.  He is attracted to Charlotte and she intrigues him and he is determined to have her.  But Charlotte remembers how Garrett had hurt her in high school and is determined not to let that happen again and opts to be friends instead.  This proves to be difficult, though, as Charlotte gets to know Garrett as an adult.

This is the fourth book I've read by this author and I liked it.  I liked the writing style.  It's written in first person perspective, alternating between Charlotte and Garrett's points of view, which lets you see how they are feeling and what they are thinking.  Charlotte and Garrett's banter and interaction was amusing.  I wasn't crazy about Garrett in the beginning but liked him better as he started maturing and realizing what was important to him.  As a head's up, the language and adult activity are for a more mature reader.

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