Wednesday 23 August 2017

The Big Apple, Colborne, ON

Driving home from Smiths Falls today, I knew I'd be passing by the Big Apple.  I've driven by it lots of times (it's just off the 401, almost two hours east of Toronto) but have never stopped in so decided to today.  It was a good place to take a break from driving.

The Big Apple has a bakery, stores and a restaurant/bar.  They also have a petting zoo, a miniature golf course and, of course, a big apple, which can be seen from the highway.

The ladies' washroom
Baking up fresh pastries
You can buy apples

The stores sell baked goods using apples, cookies, candies, beer, cider, ice cream and more!

I went outside to check out the big apple.

Inside the big apple on the ground floor
Lots to learn on the second floor
The second set of stairs takes you to the top
The view from the big apple looking northeast

You can't get fresher apples than from the tree!

I bought a large apple pie to take home and I bet it will be delicious!


Teresa said...

Will have to stop by next time we drive up to TO.

Unknown said...

It had become so run down about 5 years ago and since they have added lots of new attractions every year - the apple loaf is my favourite and makes amazing french toast - as is that sandwich I told you about..

Teena in Toronto said...

I'd picked up a loaf of the apple bread but then put it back because I wasn't sure if we'd like it ... I wish now I'd bought one! Next time!