Wednesday 29 July 2015

Chicago Cubs 3, Colorado Rockies 2, Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

Gord is a big baseball fan.

This afternoon we went to Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs - Colorado Rockies game.  It was my first ball game other than the Toronto Blue Jays games.

Me and Gord

The main floor is a hub of activity as that's where the bathrooms, food vendors and drink vendors are.

Our seats were in section 206 in the shade.  Yay!  It was 89F and sunny.

The national anthem was sung.

Here's the line-up for this afternoon's game.

And the game began ...

Here's the view from our seats ...

The bleachers were packed

José Reyes was a Toronto Blue Jay until a couple days ago ... he's now a Colorado Rockie.   I'm sad to see him go as he was such a great team player.  Despite being surrounded by Cubs fans, I was cheering him on when he came up to bat.

There are buildings surrounding the stadium that have seating built on top  The prices range from $130 to $205 and include food and drinks.

I walked around the stadium and took pictures from different spots.

 There's Gord!

It was a Wednesday afternoon game.  Can you believe that there were almost 39,000 people there?!

The 50/50 prize was almost $5,886US/$7,625CN.  Sweet!

 Alas, we didn't win.

The Cubs won 3 - 2.

Though the Blue Jays weren't playing, it was fun to be at such a historical ball field.

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Teresa said...

Great day to be at the game.