Tuesday 28 July 2015

Blackfinn Ameripub, Chicago, IL

Gord and I had supper tonight at Blackfinn Ameripub (on W Kinzie Street).

Gord ordered the Pub Burger with mac 'n cheese on a lettuce cap rather than a bun.  He said they were excellent.

I'm a big fan of chicken parm and that's what I ordered.  The pasta was good (oil and garlic) but the chicken tasted funny.  I gave Gord a piece and he agreed.  I let Brittany, our server, know and she had me order something else.

I got an order of chicken wings with BBQ sauce.  They were really good.

At 9:30pm, they started playing videos (J-Lo, Beyone, New Edition, etc.).  At 9:45pm, they cranked up the volume really really high.  I like loud music but this was LOUD.  When we asked Brittany about it, she said it was industry night and they have a DJ who caters to the industry night attendees.  Too bad they don't cater to all customers ... so we left.

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