Wednesday 14 May 2014

Book ~ "What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding" (2014) Kristin Newman

From Goodreads ~ Kristin Newman spent her 20s and 30s dealing with the stresses of her high-pressure job as a television comedy writer, and the anxieties of watching most of her friends get married and start families while she wrestled with her own fear of both. Not ready to settle down and yet loathe to become a sad-sack single girl, Kristin instead started traveling the world, often alone, for a few months each year, falling madly in love with attractive locals who provided moments of the love she wanted without the cost of the freedom she needed. She introduces readers to the Israeli bartenders, Argentinian priests, Finnish poker players, and sexy Bedouins who helped her transform into "Kristin-Adjacent" on the road - a quieter, less judgmental, and, yes, sluttier version of herself at home. 

Ultimately, Kristin's adventures led her to a better understanding of what she was actually running away from at home and why every life hurdle seemed to put her on a transatlantic flight to the unknown. Equal parts laugh-out-loud storytelling; thoughtful, candid reflection; and wanderlust-inspiring travel tales, "What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding" is a compelling and hilarious debut that will have readers scrambling to renew their passports.

Kristin is a writer who spent most of every year working and then had a couple months off.  She loves to travel so used these months to see the world.  She admits that here was a different Kristin when she traveled who was a lot more promiscuous and adventurous than the Kristin she was at home in the States.

She has been all over the world and has met many many people.  It sounds like it is easy for her to befriend people and hook up with lots of strange men (I'm not judging ... I'm just stating what's in the book).  I think she would be entertaining to have a beer or a glass of wine and a chat with.

While she was traveling, her friends and former travel companions were settling down, getting married and having babies ... something she wasn't ready for at the time so no doubt she was partly running away.

I liked the writing style ... it was funny and sarcastic.  I found it honest too.  She admits to cringing when she thinks about her dad reading this book and her possible future children (she doesn't spare many details) but she wanted to keep it real.

The stories of her travels were interesting... she's seen and done things that most of us will never have the chance to.  She was definitely a free spirit who had done a lot and goes with the flow.  One of her words of wisdom is when traveling don't stay in fancy places ... you'll meet a lot more interesting people when you are spending less for accommodation and transportation.

As a head's up, there is swearing and adult situations (sex and drugs) in this book so I would recommend it for a more mature reader.

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