Friday 23 May 2014

Fish Fry, Arawak Cay, Nassau, Bahamas

I got too much sun yesterday so wanted to stay away from the beach and the pool today.

So I caught the bus to the "Fish Fry" in Arawak Cay (about a ten minute ride from my hotel) for lunch.

Arawak Cay offers the authentic atmosphere of the Bahamian Fish Fry with vendors selling made to order conch salad, fried fish and other Bahamian dishes. Arawak Cay was artificially built from the sand when the harbor was dredged in 1969.There is a police station, a storytelling porch for special events, an old Bahamian rock oven, an open stage and an open grassy area with seating for the audience where concerts and other productions are held. Sunday nights is when the majority of locals can be seen at Arawak Cay or Fish Fry as the locals would say.

It is a collection of 31 colourful restaurants offering fresh authentic Bahamians meals, spread over a couple blocks.

So hard to choose so I went with Curly's because it had WIFI and its own washrooms (most restaurants didn't ... you'd have to use the shared facilities in a building across the street).  Plus they threw in a complimentary rum cocktail.

My free Bahama Mama

I ordered a Curly Burger (without cheese and onions) and fries.  The burger was good ... I could taste a hint of curry.

I also ordered a local beer

The total was just $12.83 including taxes and tips (15% gratuity is automatically included).  A great deal so I left $15.  My server was very friendly.

I took my beer and sat at a picnic table out in front for a while.

You definitely have to check out the Fish Fry if you go to Nassau!

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Masshole Mommy said...

That burger looks great. Everything is so colorful down there.