Sunday 18 May 2014

Cable Beach, Bahamas - Day 2

When I woke up this morning about 8am, it was grey and cloudy ... oh no!

By 9:30, the sun was shining ... yippee!  Here's the view from my balcony.

I left a voice message for Sister Sarah and went down for the breakfast buffet.  I had a lovely spot just out of the sun.

My breakfast, including an antioxidant juice and an energy juice
The energy juice is on the left and the antioxidant juice is on the right

Then I headed for the beach and spent the morning there.  It was sunny and breezy.

My view for a couple hours

There was a 12:30pm orientation to get the scoop on the hotel and that's where I found Sister Sarah.  We both had a Cable Runner.

So pretty!

We had lunch at the restaurant by the pool and we both ordered a burger and fries.  If you aren't staying as an all-inclusive, you have to pay for everything ... and nothing is cheap!  Sister Sarah and I are staying all-inclusive so don't have to pay.

It was a good burger but had been sitting around for a while

After lunch, we hung out by the pool.  There are three pools ... one seems to be for kids/families, one had a lot of older people and the one we hung out at had the swim-up bar (and it's the only one that's heated).

Here comes my favourite sister bringing back drinks for us!

It was a nice relaxing lazy day!

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Masshole Mommy said...

It looks AH-MAZING! I wish I was there.