Tuesday 6 May 2014

Book ~ "Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day: A Doctor's Guide to Solving Your Sleep Problems" (2014) Robert Rosenberg

From Goodreads ~ For those who have trouble falling asleep, awake exhausted, or are awakened throughout the night by a restless or snoring partner, help is here.

Do you take a long time to get up and get going in the morning? Do you wake up feeling like you barely slept at all? Do you wake up in the early morning hours and find it difficult to go back to sleep? Do you have uncomfortable feeling in your extremities that keep you from falling or staying asleep? Do recurrent nightmares disturb your sleep?

If you or someone you love has trouble sleeping, Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg will help you identify the problem and provide targeted solutions so you can start awakening refreshed and renewed immediately. Based on the most recent research and including real patient stories from Dr. Rosenberg's practice, his new book discusses the most common causes and symptoms of each disorder, answers the most frequently asked questions about each and provides the latest solutions to help you finally get a good night's sleep. A sleep specialist and researcher, Rosenberg also shares the latest research on the connections between sleep disorders and PTSD and ADHD. And his ten-point plan for getting your best sleep will help you improve the quality of your sleep and your health and mood right away.

Dr. Rosenberg will help you: Prevent and manage sleep disorders, including insomnia, restless leg syndrome, snoring, sleepwalking, and sleep eating, among others Improve your sleep habits Find relief from your symptoms Ask your doctor the right questions Enhance the quality of sleep Manage stress and anxiety Find the right doctor to diagnose and treat your sleep disorder.

For the last couple years, I was having sleeping problems ... sometimes it would take me a long time to get to sleep or I would wake up wide awake in the middle of the night for a couple of hours.  Needless to say, I was exhausted.  I did a sleep test and discovered I have sleep apnea.  Though I've dealt with it, I still like to read books on sleeping.

This book is divided into four parts:
  1. Sleep foundations for your best life - the cornerstones of health and how to get a good night's sleep
  2. Impaired sleep or dyssomnias - restless leg syndrome, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders and no sleeping with apnea
  3. Parasomnias - sleepwalking and night terrors, night eaters and REM sleep behavior disorder
  4. Sleep disorders and major sleep disorders and major health issues - post traumatic stress disorder and ADHD

The first step is to identify your sleep problem.  There is a checklist which then leads to you the chapters you should focus on.

Rather than just providing information in a scientific manner, there are "conversations" with his patients plus Q & As which provides a less boring way to read and absorb the information.

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