Friday 18 April 2014

Toronto Rock 13, Buffalo Bandits 9

Gord and I went to the Toronto Rock game this evening (we have season's tickets) ... it was the last home game of the season.  The Rock is a professional lacrosse franchise in the National Lacrosse League (NLL).

Before we left for the game, Gord and  I decided to get a bacon-wrapped hotdog at the ACC for supper.

We both got foot longs.  They were $11.25 each and soooooo worth it ... because they were so greasy and gross that we'll probably never want one again (I couldn't finish mine)!

The Rock were playing the Buffalo Bandits.  The Bandits had lost their last eight games (yay!) but had beaten the Rock the last two games they played.

We watched the teams warm up.

The Rock
The Bandits

The Toronto Rock Cheerleaders entertained before the game started.

Scotty Newlands sang the national anthems.

Annaleise Carr, the youngest person to successfully swim across Lake Ontario, ceremonially opened the game with Rock captain, Colin Doyle.

The Rock huddled to get psyched just before the game started.

And the game began ...

The view from our seats ...

The Rock goalie
The Bandits goalie

The Rock scored the first goal ... whoohoo!

Gillian and friends showed their support

There was one major fight and it happened in the first quarter.

The result was a minor penalty and a 10 minute game misconduct for each

The Rock were winning 5 - 2 after the first quarter.  Yay!

The Rock Cheerleaders entertained in the second quarter.

Iggy had his eye on one of the cheerleaders ...
and he carried her off the field

At the end of the second quarter, the Rock were winning 6 - 5 ... yippee!

Look at the six pack on Iggy!

During the third quarter, the goalies pads were measured.

The Rock Cheerleaders entertained while this was going on.

At the end of the third quarter, the Rock were winning 9 - 7 ... yahoo!

The attendance at tonight's game was just over 11,000.

Pinball Clemons was in the stands kittycorner to us.

The 50/50 draw was almost $6,000 ... sweet!!

Alas, we weren't close :(

The Rock scored two empty next goals in the fourth quarter which helped them win.

The Rock players shook hands with the Bandits' players.

Gillian and Tim, who sit in front of us, showed their support for the Rock.

The three stars of the game were Rock players.

The Rock players thanked the crowd for coming out.

Rock Captain, Colin Doyle, thanked the fans for the support for the season.

One last huddle with their lacrosse sticks raised before the Rock left the field.

The Rock have made it into the playoffs.  There are still a couple games left to determine whether they will have a playoff game at home.  Fingers crossed they will and Gord and I will be there!

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Yay for the win! That is awesome.