Thursday 10 April 2014

College Street Bar, Toronto, ON

The College Street Bar (College Street/Euclid Avenue) is revamping their menu and I was invited to the media event.

After 23 years as one of Toronto’s best known local hangouts, College Street Bar teams up with Executive Chef Joe Friday to launch a shareable menu dedicated to local comfort foods. 

“For this phase of CSB, the concept of the restaurant is simple, delicious, comfort food served Dim Sum style,” comments Gavin MacMillan, Owner, College Street Bar. “We’re serving smaller, affordable portions to groups to encourage sharing and allow them to try a variety of dishes”. 

Taken over last year by BartenderOne’s Gavin MacMillan (one of Canada’s best-known names in mixology), College Street Bar (CSB) is a gastronomic experience catering to sourcing local ingredients and pairing them with beverages to enhance their flavours. 

Known as a local hot spot for Torontonians (and often well-versed tourists), CSB’s new phase is about creating a social environment. Patrons enjoy great food, flaming cocktails, live music, bar flaring and a real dedication to providing a great time for its patrons. Having existed for over 23 years, CSB has also hosted some of the world’s biggest names in rock and roll.

I've spent some time on College Street but haven't stopped in at this restaurant so was happy to have the opportunity to check them out.

When Gord and I got there about 6pm ...

It was jammed when we left about 7:30pm.

 Brad Cooper provided entertainment ... he was good!

We were each given two drink tickets.  I tried a Hemingway Daquiri ... and it was good.

 Gord ordered an Apocalypse which was fun.

The sugar cube and 151 were lit on fire
Then you sip from the lime and then from your drink

I also ordered a Rosemary Bramble ... it was sweeter than I expected.

Gord ordered a CSBloody Mary.  I've never seen a Bloody Mary shaken before.  It was quite spicy.

Samples of food were brought out.

The grilled cheese were my favourite
The pork sliders are on donuts
The Smoked Mac & Cheese was good
I thought the chip overpowered the taste of the poutine

It was fun to go to this restaurant tonight and check out what they now have to offer.  The servers and hosts were friendly.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I would be ALL OVER that smoked mac & cheese.