Monday 28 April 2014

Book ~ "Murder in the Dog Park: Bad Girl. Good Cop. Bad Dog" (2012) Jill Yesko

From Goodreads ~ Discovering a brutally murdered boy in a rainy dog park sends misanthropic private detective Jane Ronson on a journey through Baltimore's gritty underbelly.

Aided by a sexy cop, a bad-ass bull terrier and a cast of characters out of a John Waters movie, cynical Jane must use her computer-hacking and street-fighting skills to save her cousin from being framed as the killer.

While out walking her dog, Archie, Jane comes across the body of a dead child.  She calls the police, gives her statement to a police officer and figures that's the end of it.  Her cousin, Lenny, is a photographer and soon leaves some pictures for her to look at ... when she finally does look at them, she realizes Lenny has captured images of the child's murderer.  Because he has a history of being in the wrong places at the wrong time taking pictures, Lenny is arrested for the murder and Jane must do all she can to save her cousin.

This was the first book I've read by this author.  What had attracted me to it was because it was a mystery with a dog as part of the story ... two of my favourite things!  Written in first person perspective from Jane's point of voice, I found the writing style entertaining and raw.  As a head's up, there is swearing and adult activity so I would recommend it for a mature reader.

The characters are interesting and far from normal.  Jane is very anti-social and, with her computer skills like hacking, makes a living doing "research" for the more sleazy private detectives, etc.  Archie, her dog, is a hoot ... to him, nothing is better than eating garbage, snoring, farting and showering Jane with kisses right after he has licked him.  Lenny is an oddball who's passion is taking photographs ... sometimes when he's innocently taking shots of children, the parents think otherwise and he gets in trouble.

It was a quirky fast read.

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Awww, this sounds like a cute book.