Monday 21 April 2014

Book ~ "Soul Models: How to Step Up When You'd Rather Give Up" (2014) Angela Daffron and Elizabeth Bryan

From Goodreads ~ "Soul Models" is a collection of stories proving that, when we use our challenges to fuel actions that make a difference for others, we feel valued, discover our purpose and live happier, healthier lives.

This book shares the extraordinary journeys of both ordinary people and famous figures who have witnessed or overcome incredible hardships, like loss, depression, illness, abuse, bankruptcy, and everything in-between. Instead of giving up, they "stepped up," they founded non-profits, wrote bestselling books, or simply helped those in their path. Most of them started out with fewer advantages than most in fact, many had "much" fewer yet their stories prove that compassion is the key to overcoming any challenge. In "Soul Models", these extraordinary people have come together to offer advice and solutions that will empower readers with all they need to live a more fulfilling, happier life.

"Soul Models" touch the hearts, minds and souls of everyone they meet. They are the role models of today, transforming personal challenges into positive change that helps others. "Everyone can be a Soul Model!"

This book has 26 stories written by famous and not-so-famous people.  Each had a tragedy or hardship in their life that they had to overcome or they wanted to help others overcome hardships ... and then they turned it around into something positive.

Included are the stories of:
  • Christy Turlington Burns - founder of Every Mother Counts, a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world
  • Candace Lightner - founder of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
  • Caitlin Boyce - founder of Operation Beautiful
  • David Copperfield - founder of Project Magic to help children and adults overcome diabilities
  • Gary Sinise - founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation with a mission of honouring U.S. defenders, veterans, first responders, their familes and those in need

If you like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books (and I do), you probably enjoy this one.  It's inspiring to see what just one person can accomplish.

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That sounds like yet another great read.