Wednesday 2 April 2014

Book ~ "Shooting Stars: My Life as a Paparazza" (2014) Jennifer Buhl

From Goodreads ~ Get the inside scoop on what life is really like for Hollywood's biggest stars in this hilarious, addictive memoir!

As a young woman struggling to make ends meet in LA, photographer Jennifer Buhl bumped into the paparazzi and soon found herself chasing down celebrities in her station wagon, earning thousands a day. Shooting Stars is the hilarious, whip-smart chronicle of her wild ride through this testosterone-driven business and shows how achieving glamour is not always so glamorous. 

Balancing juicy celebrity anecdotes with a poignant story of heartache, love, and the ticktock of a biological clock, this irresistible book will leave you with an entirely new perspective on what life is like among the stars and on the men-and women-behind the money shots.

Jennifer was a waitress working in L.A. when she saw some paparazzi in action taking pictures of Paris Hilton.  She figured she could do that too and hooked up with an agency.  She spent the next three years following celebs around taking interesting pictures of them to have appear in magazines.  She made 60% of the fee on her pictures and ended up making about $10,000 a month as a "pap".

At 37, her biological clock was ticking and she ended up getting pregnant ... she eventually moved to Colorado and opened a photography business.

I like reading memoirs and this was an interesting one because it gives insight on what it's like to be a celeb getting stalked by paparazzi but also the lengths paps will go to get the money shot.  Jennifer names names as to who works with the paps and who are despised by the paps.  Some celebs work the paps because they want the exposure while others don't need it now and avoid it.

I liked the writing style of this book.  As a head's up, there is swearing so is for mature readers.

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This sounds awesome and I totally want to read it.