Wednesday 11 December 2013

Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel, Winnipeg, MB

I have enrolment seminars to conduct today in Winnipeg and flew in from Regina last night.

I'm staying at the Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel downtown.  I stayed here in May and liked it.

Here is my "suite" ...

There is a full kitchen with plates, utensils, etc.
The tub was big and deep and perfect for me!

The suite ($129/night) was fairly big.  WIFI was free and speedy.  Parking was self-parking in a garage which was attached to the hotel and was $11/night.  It was fairly late when I arrived so it was great that I could pop some microwave popcorn that I'd brought.

As an FYI, the building has been sold and in the new year the suites will be rented out as apartments rather than functioning as a hotel ... apparently there is an apartment shortage in Winnipeg.


Swordsman said...

I just finished a book on Louis Riel. The room looks great!

Teresa said...

You sure picked a wicked time to be out West. Brrrrrrr

Masshole Mommy said...

Looks like a nice place to stay!

Unknown said...

Last time I was in Winterpeg, it was FREEZING!!!!! Hope you get out with a pulse and warm fingers and toes.

Lorna said...

Brown. that place is very brown, but it does look like they've got comfort in mind.