Wednesday 25 December 2013

Book ~ "The Complete A**hole Dad: Random Musings of an Inappropriate Parent" (2014) Dan Indante

From Goodreads ~ Dan Indante is a bitter, vindictive attorney most famous for writing the seminal relationship book The Complete A**hole's Guide To Handling Chicks, quite possibly the most offensive work in the history of American literature. 

Now, still lacking any sense of maturity but beholden to two kids and a wife, 40-plus-year-old, fat, balding, unrepentant Dan pretends to be a model parent during PTA meetings and Little League games while secretly writing hateful screeds (like this book) which rage against the banality of modern parenting. Dan lives and works in Beverly Hills until the creditors from his various real estate projects catch up to him.

Dan is a husband, a dad of two kids and has two Golden Retrievers.  These are his ... er .... um ... words of wisdom from what he has learned about being a dad.

He starts by describing the birth of his kids, the importance of a binkie (aka pacifier), being alone with the baby for the first time, the difference between boys versus girls, getting the kids to sleep in their own beds, etc.  Then he tells us about the activities he's been sucked into by being a dad such as birthday parties, Girl Scout cookies, karate, Chinese language class, circus class, toys, dancing and camp.  Then comes the dilemma of whether to send his kids to private school or public school.  He is very involved in his kids' lives and coaches their baseball, soccer and basketball teams.  There are also sections on travel and pets, finishing with a chapter on life in general (things that would fit in the other chapters).

The writing is very sarcastic and exaggerated ... I found it humorous.  I am child-free and I appreciated the musings.  The language is for a mature reader.

I'd recommend this book if you are looking for a funny book on parenting and don't get offended easily.

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Masshole Mommy said...

It sounds like a fun, light-hearted book!