Tuesday 17 December 2013

Barley Brothers, Winnipeg, MB

I had some time before I had to catch my flight home.  Rather than have lunch at a restaurant in the airport, I drove around and found that Barley Brothers was close enough to the airport so I wouldn't have to rush.

They are a craft beer pub.  Though I couldn't sample one of their drafts since I was driving, it sounded like a fun spot.

As I was walking in, a couple passed me saying it was amazing that it took an hour for them to get a burger.  An hour?!  So I stopped them to make sure I heard them right and I had indeed.  They had run out of time and had to get it "to-go".  They wished me luck in getting my food faster (my order took about 20 minutes).

I was craving wings and ordered their cold smoked wings (the wings are smoked with ice on top so they don't cook ... they just pick up the smoky taste and are then cooked).  On my server's recommendation, I ordered them with Dark Barley BBQ sauce and a side of fries.

The wings were really hot and freshly cooked.  The sauce was good.  I don't usually like battered wings but these were good (light batter with a bit of crisp).  They were inconsistent in size, though.  For $13, there were nine ... half were tiny and the other half were large.  I could have eaten another order of them!

The fries were good but cold.  I pushed the plate away right away as a sign that something wasn't right.  Ten minutes later my server checked on me to see how things were.  I told her about my cold fries and she said she'd get another order for me ... but I was running out of time and needed to get to the airport.

 My server was friendly and helpful but not overly attentive (until the bill came).

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Masshole Mommy said...

Those fries look AWESOME and thank god it didn't take you an hour to get them.

Teresa said...

Wow they have super slow service considering that there doesn't seem to be that many people. Cold fries to boot! Have a great trip home. Happy holidays.

Kat said...

Those wings sound good! 10 minutes to check on a table is very slow. This comes from a veteran server :P

Teena in Toronto said...

The fries and wings were good ... too bad the fries were cold and there were some small wings :(