Monday 16 December 2013

Mill Street Brewery, Mississauga, ON

I conducted an enrolment seminar this morning and am flying to Winnipeg this afternoon.  So I drove to the airport after the seminar and had lunch at Mill Street Brewery (in the airport) before my flight.

My server, Cristina, recommended the Drunken Butter Chicken, which is on the holiday menu.

Excellent recommendation!  It was really good and I ate it all!

Cristina was friendly and helpful and too good care of me!  Amazingly she recognized me as a customer in a heath food store she used to work in that I used to shop in downtown (I don't work downtown anymore).

When Gord and I had supper at this restaurant in July 2012, Renee was our server.  She was working today and I recognized her.  She has since gotten promoted to manager ... congrats, Renee!  She's still very friendly and we had a great chat.  Here she is ...

We talked about beer (because Mill Street brews their own) and she said I had to try to samples of their seasonal draft.  One was a vanilla porter, another was a German draft and the last was a hoppier draft (I was hoping they had them listed on their website because I couldn't remember the names but they don't.).  I'm not a fan of Porters but I didn't mind this one ... it wasn't as heavy as most.  I liked the German one too ... I found the third one too hoppy.

Renee gave me coupons so I can buy a couple vanilla porters at the liquor store.

This is a great place to stop in if you want to eat at the airport ... the food is yummy and the staff is friendly!

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Lorna said...

We live just across the street from a Mill St Brewery, which is incredibly popular, and it's easy to just cross the road to buy organic beer.

Teena in Toronto said...

I heard there's one your way ... sounds like a fun place!

Masshole Mommy said...

That chicken looks amazing! What a cool place.

Teena in Toronto said...

The chicken was good! Great to have such a fun choice in the airport.