Tuesday 24 December 2013

De-icing after the ice storm

I had a chiro appointment today at 11:30am.

My dilemma was whether to walk 10 minutes or drive two minutes to the clinic.

If I walked, I'd have to bundle up because it was cold (-10C/14F ... -18C/-0.4F with the windchill).

If I drove, I'd have to scrape our car, which hadn't been used since the ice storm on the weekend.

I figured the car would have to be done eventually and I had time so I de-iced the car.

I turned everything on high and waited ... there was over an inch of ice on the windshield and back window.  It took over 30 minutes of heat and me scraping to get the windows clear (good thing we had lots of gas!).

The windshield
The trunk

I'm not complaining.  Yes, we have a car that needed to be de-iced.  But there are still about 200,000 Torontonians who have it worse ... they haven't had electricity since Saturday because of the ice storm and there is no end in sight for them :(


Masshole Mommy said...

Those pictures make me cringe!

Adaptable Kay said...

We actually had an ice storm recently. Our whole driveway was COVERED in ice; my poor mom ate cement on her way out to scrape the car o.O

It was pretty darn bad! Ice is definitely not something you wanna mess with.