Monday 9 December 2013

Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel, Saskatoon, SK

I have some seminars to conduct today in Saskatoon so stayed at the Sheraton, which is downtown (I flew in last night).

Not a great picture but it was -28C (-35C with the windchill)
when I arrive last night so I did took it quickly!
The lobby
The seating area off the lobby ... there's a Christmas tree in the corner

Here is my room with a king bed.

There is a basket of goodies if you are snacky ...
cheaper if you go downstairs to the convenience store, though.
The bathroom is a small ...
I had to close the door to use the toilet

There was a frosted glass in the bathroom door ... I think bathroom doors should be solid for privacy.

Here is the view from my room this morning.

The room ($189/night) isn't huge ... the bed is REALLY comfy!  My room is across from the "Associates room" (maid's supply room) so from 8am onwards the door was constantly being opened and closed very loudly ... very annoying if you are trying to sleep in or work.  It seemed like it was very 20 seconds!!

WIFI is free.  There is a safe in the closet.  Parking is $15 whether you park your car yourself or have it valet parked.  Considering how cold it was, there was no incentive NOT to have it valet parked (my rental car was parked in the garage rather than outside ... which means I could get it in five minutes rather than 15 minutes because they didn't have to warm it up as long).  There was a fridge in the room but it was locked since it was stocked with water, juice, liquor, etc. (I didn't bother getting a key).  There is no microwave oven but the girl in the convenience store popped some popcorn that I'd brought for me (thanx!).  The fella who checked me in was very friendly and chatty.

There are a couple restaurants in the hotel ... a steakhouse and a more casual one called Windows.  I had breakfast at Windows this morning.  I ordered two fried eggs, home fries, toast and Canadian bacon ($14) and a glass of milk.  Everything was cold and I didn't have time to have them fire up another breakfast.  There is buffet for $15 ... that must have been where my breakfast came from.  Hungry and not happy :(

I was happy with this hotel and would have stayed here again ... until the the noise of the Associates room started and my breakfast was cold.  If I'm back in Saskatoon, I'll stay elsewhere.


Masshole Mommy said...

It's so nice when you get a comfy bed in a hotel isn't it?

Lorna said...

It looks very elegant, but I can sympathize with your decision about staying again.