Thursday 5 December 2013

Book ~ "The Hinge: The Importance of Mental Toughness" (2013) Rob Bell

From Goodreads ~ Every door has a hinge, if it doesn't, it's a wall ...

Have you ever noticed how the outcome of a competition depends upon one play or moment? If we look closer, every season and career also possesses these pivotal moments. It only takes one.

The Hinge is the one moment, event, or person that makes all the difference. It connects who we are with who we become. This is the importance of Mental Toughness. Will you be ready?

In this cutting edge book, you’ll learn:
  • How a plane crash changed the music landscape forever in America.
  • How a blade of grass caused the dominance of Korean golf.
  • What Hall of Famers really believe.
  • The most important mental skills and how to apply them.
  • Why we should listen to our gut.
  • To understand that “it only takes one”

According to the author, there are five maxims of the hinge:
  1.  It only takes one
  2. Things happen for a reason
  3. Trust your gut
  4. Tragedies are immediate
  5. What-if never happened

There are also chapters on confidence, faith, motivation, focus and re-focus along with "rusty hinges".

When I read the description of this book, it sounded interesting ... I like books that make me a better person.  This book was okay, not great ... it didn't excite me.  I liked that there were stories to show the instances of the hinge but they were mostly sports stories which I wasn't really into ... it would have been nice to have a broader range of examples.

If you are a sports fan, you might enjoy this book more than I did.


Masshole Mommy said...

Bummer that it wasn't as good as you hoped for. My husband likes books like this.

dr. rob said...

Thanks for the review....