Thursday 10 May 2012

Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel, Winnipeg, MB

I've spent the last four days in Winnipeg conducting seminars and one-on-ones for a client.

I stayed at the Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel on Smith Street.  I had picked it because Trip Advisor rated it high.

When I checked in, I was told that they had run out of the studio suite I had reserved and they were upgrading me to a two bedroom suite (quite a deal at $121 a night!!).  Sweet!

I slept in this bedroom because it was (1) bigger, (2) further from the entrance so I wouldn't hear noise from the hallway and (3) closer to the bathroom.

The tub was big and deep and I had a good long soak in it the first two nights.

Here's the view from my living room window on the first night.

I've since been told that I'm staying in a sketchy part of the city ... I was back in my room before dark every evening so hadn't been concerned.

The front desk staff were friendly.  My passcard stopped working a few times (which was annoying) and I had to have it replaced so have had contact with them (no, I didn't have it near my cell phone).

There are a couple bottles of water, a bottle of juice and a chocolate bar that are complimentary ... they keep getting replaced every day.

WIFI, though kinda slow and halting, is free.  There is a business centre downstairs so you can use the Internet and/or print.

Parking is $11 (including tax) a day.  The parking areas are on two floors above the reception area (accessible by the elevator).  You get a pass when you check in and keep using it to come in and out of the parking lot as often as you want.

I was on the 18th floor (there are 24 floors).  There are three elevators and they sometimes take forever to come so have patience.

My big complaint is that suite was warm and stuffy during the day.  I've tried cranking down the air to 16C ... I can feel the cool air coming out but it didn't seem to effect the rooms.  I tried keeping the windows open to let in the fresh air but that didn't work either.  Yesterday I kept the blinds and curtains closed all day to keep the sun out and it helped.  It must be brutal in the summer.

There is only one garbage and it's in the bathroom.  Apparently you are supposed to get rid of your garbage down a shute on each floor.

Appetizers are served in the lobby in the afternoon to entice you to eat in the restaurant in the hotel.  The restaurant looks fancy but empty.

I'd stay here again if I was paying for it myself since it's a good value and centrally located.

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