Saturday 26 May 2012

Fat Bastard Burrito Co., Toronto, ON (Queen Street W)

Gord and I love love love burritos and have been waiting for Fat Bastard Burrito to open in our 'hood for a while.

It opened on Thursday so we stopped in this afternoon for a late lunch/early supper.

They have a selection of burritos, quesadillos, poutine, etc.

We both ordered a big baked chicken burrito.  The difference between them is that his had lettuce and mine had tomatoes.

And it was big!

Here's mine ...

 Here's Gord's ...

They were tasty (though lacked a bit of a kick) and the price was right ... we'll be back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it was not big, don't lie, you must eat like a bird. I could have eaten 2 of the bigs easily, i am not happy to pay 9bucks with tax for that size, taste was just ok too.