Tuesday 29 May 2012

Terrace update

A couple fellas spent the day working on our terrace.

They removed all the stones from the terrace floor to level it ... then they put them back down.

This looking at our neighbour to the left's terrace with her stones removed (the railings between our terraces and the next one over have been removed).

Our walls weren't really touched today.

Our stuff was removed so they could level the terrace floor ... and then they were put back.

The railing between our terrace and our neighours to the right was put back up ... and they left all our heavy stuff on their side.  Yep, that's our BBQ, bags of dirt, chairs, table, etc.

They'll either have to take the railing down to haul our stuff back or carry it up and over.  Duh!

1 comment:

Adaptable Kay said...

Oh man, I'd classify that as a worker's fail o.O

Hopefully your stuff gets put back where it belongs!