Monday 21 May 2012

Luging in Mont Tremblant, QC

After brunch, Sister Sarah and I headed to the top of the village to the luge.

Along the way, Sister Sarah met a new friend.

Some info ...
  • 1.4 km long track
  • 24 corners to navigate
  •  Average 1st time ride of 7 minutes

We had to wear a helmet.

To get to the top, we had to take an open gondola.  Eeek!

Up up up!

Great view once we got there!

Reading the rules ...

You get a quick lesson.  Pulling back is the brakes but doing it gently.  Got it!

I cruised down the hill.  Sister Sarah was a bit behind me.  Here she is coming in to the end.

Great fun!  Thanks for suggesting it, Sister Sarah!


Dawn said...

FUN!!!!!!! I really want to go here someday after seeing what a grat time you two are having!

Dawn said...