Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday morning photos

I'd taken my Nikon D5100 camera with me to Judy and Doug's so I could practice some of the stuff we learned in our Photo 101 course.

Judy and Doug live in the country so I wandered around a bit.  I shot in aperture priority mode to get different effects.

This is looking up the road ...

 The neighbour across the street had a huge pile of wood cut ...

 He also had cows ... this was just before they were fed.  "Feed me!!"

My pal, Rob, loves to photograph birds (and does it well).  I could hear a lot of birds but didn't see too many.  This woodpecker made his presence known, though.

 And I saw this robin in the tree.

 I love the fencing around Doug and Judy's property ... it's so rustic.

 Sheba, one of their dogs, followed me around and was a willing model.

 Andy didn't mind either.

Gord and I slept in Chelsea's bed last night ... it wasn't long after we got up that she claimed her spot back.


Fizzgig said...

these photos are great!! I love them, you have really learned alot in your classes!! i love the look of a german shepard! I love the shot of mostly his face!!! beautiful!

LeeAnn said...

I agree ... Teena the shots look fabulous!!!

Isabel said...

awww, love all the photos. Especially of the doggies.

Margaret B said...

Catching up on reading your blog posts and I have to say - AWESOME photos of the dogs. Your photo skills are coming along nicely.

Tatiana said...

I nth the great photos. And the cute puppies are so cute. And that fence is awesome.